Program TRACS

Life Skills TRAC

TRAC Description: designed to equip individuals with the practical skills and knowledge needed to navigate various aspects of life successfully. These programs aim to foster personal development, enhance social interactions, and promote overall well-being.

TRAC Time: 60 Days

Recovery TRAC

TRAC Description: gain understanding of substance use history, set goals, establish a recovery fellowship, develop coping skills , practice relapse prevention, practice living a spiritual lifestyle incorporating biblical principles, and work through the 12-step process.

TRAC Time: 90 Days

TRAC Requirements: (1) No cell phone or internet access. Emergency calls can be made in the office. (2) No employment. (3) Remain on property with exception of correctional and medical appointments. (must be accompanied by a staff member when attending these appointments

Vocational TRAC

TRAC Description: designed to provide guidance and support after the acquisition of full time employment

TRAC Time: 90 Days

Transformation Restoration Accountability Christian Support


Identity, from a biblical perspective, is rooted in the understanding that each individual is uniquely created by God and imbued with inherent value and purpose.


Things like communication, boundaries, sacrificial love, and self control help us learn to live with others in a beneficial way.


Developing a heart to give, love, and live like Christ

Emergency Shelter

All incoming residents must complete a 14-day Orientation in our Emergency Shelter before applying for further programming. During this 14-day Orientation process, residents will complete a Policies & Procedures meeting, a Program Options meeting with the director, and complete an intake if further programming is desired. If further programming is not desired, residents may stay an additional 14 days in the Emergency Shelter before leaving. A 30-day waiting period must be completed before utilizing services again. Our emergency program time is extended when the weather is below 32 degrees.

Men can check into our facility Monday - Friday 8am - 4:00 pm and Saturdays 9am - 3:00 pm. While the emergency shelter fits the needs of many men, it is not appropriate for all. An assessment must be filled out in person or online before stay is offered.


Accountability fosters trust, enhances credibility, and promotes a culture of ownership and commitment within organizations the community. It serves as a cornerstone for effective teamwork, and personal growth.


Becoming responsible with finances, planning, health, and accountability.


Applying biblical solutions to mental, emotional, and behavioral problems.

Our services are support and not to be mistaken for medical or clinical services